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Abel Franco - Guitarrista, Compositor y Productor

Professional experience


As Arranger, Producer and Studio recordings:

Backing tracks production for demonstrative videos for professionals (Japan, Norway, UK, Spain, etc.)

Recording session from Rock Opera ' Legacy of a tragedy part III', based on the life of Edgar Allan Poe, produced by Joaquin Padilla and James Garcia (Iguana Tango ) in 2016.

Arranger, composer of backing tracks for personal, educational and demonstration videos for brands of musical instruments, amplification and effects (Yamaha, Spectraflex, D’Addario, Crazybox, Bacce Guitars, etc.)

Composer, arranger, producer and guitarist of "Without words" (self-produced disc fusion instrumental) available in my site, iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

Recording session from Rock Opera ' Legacy of a tragedy part II ', based on the life of Edgar Allan Poe, produced by Joaquin Padilla and James Garcia (Iguana Tango ) in 2014.

Studio Recordings –guitars- of the second part of the Opera Rock ' Legacy of a tragedy ' , based on the life of Edgar Allan Poe, produced by Joaquin Padilla in 2013 .

Arrangements and recording sessions from the second CD of Kevin (Without Sense).

Arrangements and recording sessions from Tony Sölo’s album "Moon Phases" -ex - singer of “Sangre Azul”.

Arrangements and recording session from Rock Opera ' Legacy of a tragedy ', based on the life of Edgar Allan Poe, produced by Joaquin Padilla and James Garcia (Iguana Tango ) in 2008 .

Production, arrangements, musical direction and recording sessions from the album "The Legend of the Chameleon", by Dama, in May 2000.

Collaborating as producer on the album from Luciano Galiani.

Recording sessions of acoustic guitars for Wendy (Chenoa) in "Tagmandú" and classical guitars in "Ahogadita".

Arranger and Guitarist of Melissa Bernald.

Other studio recordings with some singers and musicians during the last fifteen years.


Compositions and live guitarist:

Live Guitarist from LeGroove band: professional covers band who only works in High Level private events.

Live Guitarist with Mireia Mambo (High School Musical -Disney-, Sister Act, The Lion King, Ragtime, etc.) for is unique show of “My soul” in Madrid (Spain) during her summer tour in UK and Barcelona (Spain).

Live Guitarist from “The Bus Brothers Experience”, tribute of Blues Brothers’ show.

Songwriter and guitarist from my first studio album "Without words".

Live Guitarist at Hard Rock Café Madrid, with “Bistró”, pop and rock covers band.

Live Guitarist in the annual celebration of “Radiolé” in the years 2012 and 2013.

Live Guitarist in acoustic duo repertoire with Omar Anchundia.

Composition for Symphonic Orchestra play "Tirso from Elis".

Live Guitarist of Big Band Project Harmony (Jazz),from Parla (Madrid).

Live Guitarist of Calaita.

Gira con Alcatraz La Orquesta en 2007.

Guitarist and arranger Tony Martinez trio (Cuban classical music mixed with classical guitar and percussion).

Live Guitarist in the Disney’s musical "High School Musical" , performing 300 shows during tour of Spain in 2008 , in Madrid at the Theatre “Lope de Vega” to 01 / 2009 live recording the CD "High School Musical : The Musical in Spanish".

Alcatraz Tour with Orchestra in 2007.

Performance 25/05/07 at the Sports Palace of the Community of Madrid with Iguana Tango to mark the end of a political campaign.

Guitarist, musical theater show produced and directed by Oscar Losada and Dora Miguel, premiered the show "strokes" in the auditorium of FNAC Plaza de Callao.

Final winner at the 25th International Song Festival America -California, USA - with the theme

"In the name of God," cd "Chameleon Legend" , coauthored with Lady.

Brass tour with the orchestra in 2002, with the orchestra Energy during the years 2003-06, 2009-10.

Recording of "My girl asleep" and "Your hands," Spanish guitar - disk Iguana Tango " Shedding Skin "(No. 1 Top 40) published in 2003 by Tool Music.

Live performance with the rock group "Haren" (today Iguana Tango- band No. 1 Top Forty - ) by various Spanish provinces presenting their album " Humanly irrational " during the years 97/98 . Presentation in Madrid Ku (now Arena) , and the Festimad of the Fine Arts, in the year 97.

Live Presentation of the album "The Legend of the Chameleon" in SGAE in June 2000, in Club Galileo Galilei, Club “Amor Brujo”, Club “Café Continental”, Club “Buena dicha”, etc.


Television, Magazines and Demonstrations:

Production of demonstrative videos for Atlas pedal (Japan), Fats sounds laboratory (Japan), Aalberg Audio (Norway), RaingerFX (UK), Root Effects (Poland), Fattoria Mendoza (Italy), Pedal Tank (Thailand), as well as more professionals from several countries.

Collaborating with Sennheiser and Neumann microphones through Magnetron (importer and distributor in Spain).

Own section in Guitar Fair Magazine., where make interviews, articles from products, instruments and relating to education.

Tester of Ortiz Luthiers with two videos from their passive & active series.

Tester of Atlas pedal with three videos from Cream Soda pedal (more incoming).

Tester of Spectraflex with three videos from their Fatsoflex series.

Tester of Bacce Guitars with videos of several exclusive models.

Tester of electric and acoustic guitars to Yamaha Guitars Ibérica; this videos, four until this moment, go to the international Youtube’s channel of Yamaha –Japan-.

Next live demonstration in “Guitar Fair 2014” with Tarus Amps, made in Poland, with Brigitte Sossa, professional bass player (Alejandro Sanz Tour).

Tester of electric, acoustic, classical, amplifiers, effects, etc. , with dealer and importer Madrid- Musical- store shortly rename “Malaga 8” - where will begin in October of this year to record videos for their website.

Tester of electric, acoustic, classical, amplifiers, effects, etc., to dealer and importer Suprovox, which begin in September of this year to record demo videos for their website.

Tester of Triton-lab product: boutique pedal effects for guitar and bass, as well known like Caravan, Overdrive and Patactica models (Handmade in Estonia by Alexey Proshin – www.triton-lab.com).

Tester of guitar pedals for Crazy Box Pedals, as Artist of the brand.

Tester guitar and bass pedals Boreal designed in Spain by Angel Tejedor. Models: Distortion, Overdrive, Chorus, Delay, Flanger and Tuner.

Collaborating with “Chords” and “Guitarist” magazine since 1996, writing articles and reports of test benches electric, acoustic, classical and electric effects.

Section own called "Guitar to detail" from 2013 for the magazine Chords.

Section own called "Acoustic Workshop" for more than two years for the magazine Chords.

I elaborate cover stories regularly to Chords , covering topics as varied as staging, making arrangements , rhythmic development , plectrum techniques , fingerpicking, vocabulary development , tips on amplifiers (some numbers Guitarist ) , guitars , promotion opening of styles, harmony applied to the acoustic guitar in various styles , etc.

In the field of television programs I have worked on " Music Yes " from TVE , " That's the way " of TVE , and " Evening T " in Telemadrid , for artists such as Manu Tenorio , Antonio Orozco , Las Ketchup , Tow, Clara Montes, Merche , Gisela , etc., during 2000 .

I have composed and produced headers and backgrounds with guitar , loops and sampled backgrounds  for TV channel “Henares Corridor” with Victor Salguero - Decade prodigious Orchestra Santiago, Calaita, Vyctoria Productions, in 2005.



New Youtube channel “Back To Basics” about lessons, demos, reviews, etc.

Incorporation In September 2015 profile of teachers in "The D'Addario Education Collective" as a musician /teacher international.

Teacher collaborator in Music Escool, teaching harmony, technique and all common skills.

Teacher collaborator in Ritmo & Compás, teaching harmony, technique and all common skills.

Harmony Workshop (7 days length) with D’Addario as main sponsor at “Unión Musical - Arenal”, one of its many

music stores in Spain.

Masterclass given in Sonic Boom Club in May 2014, covering topics such as the development of tonality, scales, chords, pentatonic, modal and tonal harmony, improvisation techniques, phrasing, rhythm, etc.

They have been and still are several years working in education, combining study with live performances and studio sessions, plus the recording of many demonstrative videos.

I have worked as a teacher of Harmony , technical, musical language , etc. . , In schools, "Fame", "El Naranjo ", and Cultural Center of La Cabrera (Madrid).

In the last two years in the field of teaching I work only in the particular field for better compatibility in other musical jobs, as live guitarist and arranger.

Work modes: contact classes, distance and online.



I have the great privilege to have the support of major international brands such as:

Mesa-Boogie amps (USA) with model Lonestar and Express 5:50 2x12 Combo +.

Yamaha Guitars, with the SG1820 model (Handmade in Japan).

Spectraflex Cables (USA).

Guitar Controller G-LAb (Guitar Laboratory) (Poland).

Guitar Strings D'addario (USA).

Guitar pedals by Pedals Crazy Box (Spain).

KTS Musical Products Inc. (Tokyo, Japan)

RightOn Straps (Spain)

Aalberg Audio Effects (Norway)

Radial Engineering (Canada)

Collaboration with Sennheiser & Neumann