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Tirso de Élide

This three movements work recreates the atmosphere of a city badly hit by war, but eager to thrive during the Peloponnese war, where a courageous young Spartan Warrior goes to the countryside to rest with his after long battles against the Athenian army.



Harmonía Big Band Project

Composed by young music talents and directed by saxophonist Angel Rodriguez Cano, this new Big Band was founded in April 2011 with the objective to reach all audiences with a wide variety of musical styles, such as swing, latin, jazz, funk, rock, etc.


The group members is the standard for this style, as they had Duke Ellington, Glen Miller or Benny Goodman back in its time: nothing more and nothing less than eighteen people. In our repertoire, we cover Count Basie or Thelonius Monk to Thad Johnes or Bob Mintzer.


It was a pleasure to play and learn with these musicians and perform live a quiality repertoire.

Legado de una tragedia

On December 16, 2008, a CD was released that made Joaquín Padilla and Jacobo García’s dream of having a first rock opera in Spain come true. It also brought together a large number of musicians and singers, who collaborated and brought in different characters of history. It was a long and laborious project, as bringing together 50 collaborators is not easy. The result was very encouraging: avalanche of visits in “myspace” and very good media reviews. I had the pleasure to be part of the group during the recording. VER PDF...

Tony Sölo

After years of musical inactivity, the former lead singer of Sange Azul (Blue Blood), recorded a CD with original songs, produced by Jacobo García and Joaquín Padilla. Hard Rock of the ‘80s with modern variations. Mainly with a power trio concept, the cd is brimming with energy and power. Tony is up to speed and his voice has not lost personality: He is still the Tony we know!. In this project, I shared guitar contributions with Oliver Martin.

Dama "La leyenda del camaleón"

Around the year 2000, I started a project together with Mª Soledad José. She was responsible, in addition to fully finance the project, for writing the lyrics and for sketching the arrangements of songs, such as “Padre” ("Father"), or "2040". I was responsible for the arrangements, as well as recording the guitars, and also produced the album. I was fortunate to have good musicians and colleagues. The work was presented in Manuel de Falla from SGAE, Galileo Galilei club, Amor Brujo and Buena Dicha. A performance and an a TV interview took place at the Puetollano - City Real –.


Mª José, who has a degree in Sociology with a specialty in anthropology, brings a wealth of personal experiences, which are reflected in the lyrics of the album. She writes about motherhood, about a friend who fell into drugs, on the uncertain future of a generation wrapped in changes. The memory of her father is reflected in one of the most intimate issues of the cd...


You can see below the names of the musicians involved in the recording and the live performances. Thanks to all of them for their cooperation, with a special mention to Raymond.


Raimundo Nieves Piano and keyboards
Isaac Colsa Piano and keyboards
Javier Barber Drums
Pablo Moreno Percussions
Jose Mª Colón Percussions
Diego Miranda Electric Bass
Vesco Katerinkin Electric Bass
Max Canalda Rhythm guitar
Mario Rhythm guitar
Raúl Ortego Violin
Isidoro Fernández High Saxophone and tenor
Pablo Manglano High Saxophone
Daniel Richter Acustic guitar –Studio collaboration in “Atada a tu corazón” (Tied to your heart).


After sharing scenarios with him for two years, he offered me to record the guitars of his second CD. A talented singer, Kevin usually manages his own live performances in the peninsula and in Menorca, its native region. Currently he share scenarios with Idols singers, in addition to his own performances with a self-composed repertoire.

Omar Anchundia

New album by OMI DI. After much effort and a failed album (previous edition), OMI DI, presents new work with their album "PAPEL COUCHÉ ". Lead by JAKE BONCUTIU (AFTERSHOCK RECORDS) and backed by DISCOVERY MUSIC, the album will be launched the upcoming Christmas and a few concerts are planned for the next year 2012. Zebensui Rodríguez, drums, Ricardo Tirado, on bass, Miguel Simancas on piano and keyboards and Abel on guitar.


For further information: www.wix.com/omaranchundia/omidi

Tony Martínez Trío

After many years I ran into my old friend piano player Tony Martínez, who was part of a trio of pop-rock versions that I set up ten years ago. On this occasion, he suggested me drawing up a care repertoire of Cuban classical music fused with classical guitar and percussion (Zebensui Rodríguez). The style of music includes genres like dance, the quadrille, the Son, the Danzones, etc. This music was typical of the colonial era, where the landowners was subjected to the African population of origin to a severe slave regime. Cuban classical music arose of merging the European power with the rhythms of African origin. The result went to the celebrations of events in the luxurious estates of the wealthy chieftains of the time.


Stylistically, this genus is very elegant and is loaded with intensity; parts are usually quite short and as one of the leading exponents of composition is Ignacio Cervantes. As featured in this and other authors include topics such as "3 hits", "Comparsa", "Invitation", etc.


"Three hits", we have chosen to make a short video (available in the "videos" section) and to present this interesting project.


Wendy has allocated me a couple of collaborations in her Super album, which will be her first work as a solo artist. My input has been provided with acoustic guitar in the singles "Tagmandu" and with the classic guitar in the single "Ahogadita". Many of us we are eager to see the cd released to enjoy her creativity and charm. Lots of of national and international musicians, such as Ángel Crespo, Pati Ballinas, Javi Saiz, Amado Zulueta, Santi Ibarretxe, Andreas Prittwitz, Patxi Urchegui, Miguel Núñez - Pablo Milan-, etc., have been involved in the album. The soloists voice and piano are by Wendy. Thanks Wen!

Melissa Bernald

During a year I shared this project with Melissa, arranging her songs and performing live an acoustic repertoire, sometimes accompanied by Ignacio Rodríguez (drums). Great atmosphere is the live performances!


In 2006 I joined a very unusual project, which was notable for several reasons. A musical-theatre show featuring four live musicians accompanied by Dora de Miguel Hernández in its dramatization of story of love and madness with a tragic outcome.


The elegant and meticulous production made it possible that Atrezzo could do well both in theatres and auditoriums, moving from a fusion, pop-rock group towards a more interpretive and colorful representation depending on the target audience.


The direction and composition of texts and music were carried out by Oscar Losada (main drums of the musical Queen 2004 in Madrid, drums for Ramoncín, Yuyu Project, Kandanski, etc.) and Miguel Hernández Dora, who enjoys wide experience in direction, interpretation, creativity and dramatic expression in theatres of the Basque Country and Madrid.


The group at that time was completed by Antonio Peñalver - bass - and Javier Lozano - piano-.

Luciano Galiani

Luciano Galiani, guitarist who worked in some of Melissa Bernald live performances, is immersed in the recording of his first album as a solo guitarist. Composer, arranger and producer of this ambitious and original project, Luciano has commissioned me the technical process of the recording and the support work of the production process. An interesting quality project, in which Luciano merges the pure flamenco with instruments such as the lute, flute, Arabic percussion, the electric bass (Juan Carlos Gibaja), the cajón, environments, etc., to give songs a touch of nuances and different atmospheres. Arabic rhythms create the basis for the Flamenco guitars, bent with lute and supported by singers, Palm trees, etc. Luciano changes continent: An Argentinian living in Madrid, he is moving Cairo to work with his wife, the professional dancer Claudia Cenci. A Brazilian born, who speaks Arabic among other languages, she leaves the dance school she runs in Madrid to continue her professional path together to Luciano. I had the opportunity to see them live in the show 'Three corners', which is the cd we are now recording. Good luck to you in the world!

La espada de Yahvé

Scripted by Diego Valverde, the film "The sword of Yahweh" was projected (firstly as an animation film), although it never took shape.

A review, and additionally, a hard critic with an "educational" purpose to the invasive and devastating action that the Catholic Church has contributed to modern civilization.


Extensive documentation and a coherent discourse are the bases of such a project.


I wrote the theme based on the movie that bears the same name and it is now registered in the SGAE. Light and catchy Celtic flair.

The lyrics were composed in collaboration with Esperanza Martin. This project remained in standby due to budgetary reasons.


We hope that in the future it can be rescued and can take shape to achieve the impact that deserves.

TV del Corredor

Music for this channel programs and headers were composed two years ago. The work was share with a good friend (Victor Salguero - prodigious decade, Orchestra - Santiago)due to the workload at that moment.



It’s always a pleasure to play and share the stage with my friends from Calaita, they really take good care of you. Pilar Valero, Víctor Salguero (Producer-Guitar), José Barrero (Guitar) e Iván Díaz (Drums).

Iguana Tango

Good friends for over 15 years. They released  “Colección pop”. They got signed to TOOL Label. They were gold record and the “Big brother” music band. I worked with him recording the classical guitar for the songs “Mi niña dormida” and “Tus manos”.


Javier López Pardo, musical director and composer of Tricantropus gave me a lift in studio to create a solo in “Señoras”, one of the compositions from his second album “El sueño de Arsione”. Rock band with influences from the seventies, long transitions, modulations and much ambience in all its themes, in addition to an accurate production.

Revista "Acordes" y "Guitarrista"

Demos, articles, reports, interviews and so on, about electric and acoustic guitars (gear review).


I also have written the magazine section “Taller acústico” between 2010 and 2013. Nowadays I have the section called “Guitarra al detalle”.

Javier Santos

Known as “Compadre”, my friend and colleague Javier Santos –guitar player and collaborator with the magazines “Guitarrista” and “Acordes”, guitar player for the musical “Mamma mia”, “Jesuschrist superstar”, teacher in “Instituto de música y tecnología (IMT), and so on- set up a latin pop rock band full of nostalgic lyrics.


His lyrics are plenty of stories which literally span the entire world, focusing on Javier and his inspirational muses.


Avid traveller, he went to New York city to extend his musical education, in addition to London, Italy, and so on.

La línea de Josh

Young band which combines light-hearted lyrics and a powerful guitar sound.


His first album was released under the name of “La cara oculta –Nueva Cara” and produced by Marko Katier (David Bisbal and Lorca, among other artists). I didn’t take part in his second album, when the band was known as “La linea de Josh”.


Their debut album was released at “Auditorio de Illescas” in Toledo, the 3rd of December 2005. His drummer and founding member writes the songs together with Jose Perez

Moncho Otero

One and a half years before joining Harén –nowadays Iguana Tango- I often shared the stage with the songwriter Moncho Otero.


This exceptional person has a great artistic talent to write songs.


At this time, while working with Moncho I was fortunate enough to meet one of the best Spanish poets, whose name is Gloria Fuertes.


They made a great team. Moncho made music and arrangements to many of her poems which I was fortunate to perform on stage playing guitar.